On Novevmber 30th, Elsa gave birth to our farm's sixth heifer calf in the last year. Her name is Elsie, and she and her mother, right, are doing great.
Gertrude gave us our fifth heifer calf of the year back in June. And like her mother, little Inez, not pictured, looks more like a Holstein than a Brown Swiss...and she's only 1/4 Holstein. Greta gave us our fourth heifer calf back in March and her name is Heide. We neglected to get a baby picture of her, but she was our farm's most popular attraction all summer. She greeted every visitor, running along the driveway fence, pictured below.

In January, Ingrid gave birth to Iggy, pictured at left, giving us our third heifer calf. Iggy has the long legs of her mother, and along with Heide, promises to grow into one of the tallest cows on the farm.

December of last year, saw the birth of our second heifer calf. Ruby gave us Opal, pictured at right. She looked a lot like her mother when she was born, but she could be mistaken for Ruby's twin the older she gets. She's not quite the show-off that her mother is though.

And in November of last year, a cow that is no longer with us, Bea, gave us our first heifer of this amazing string, Bell, not pictured.

This is old history, but the twins are just too cute to bump from this page.

On Sunday, June 12, 2005, Gertrude gave birth to healthy twins... a bull and a heifer. This was her first calving and she came through it like a pro. She truned two years oll on June 24 and we look forward to having her work for us for many years to come.

Thanks to all our customers who suggested names for our twins. ErnaHammond had the winning entry — Tristen and Isolde. Thanks Erna!