Many things contribute to the unique and full flavor of our cheese. First and foremost is the highest quality milk that our "girls" provide for us. By using raw milk (not pastuerized), we get more depth of flavor from our cultures. And then there are the months of loving care we give to each wheel of cheese as it resides in our aging "cave." Offered at three different ages, our cheeses are softer and creamier with a "mild" flavor when young. They get harder and drier with a deeper, more complex flavor when older. So in the end, we have cheeses that we love to eat. We hope you will too.

Dark/Snow Canyon Edam

Named after two of our favorite southern Utah canyons, Dark Canyon is what we call our semi-hard Edam aged between 2 and 4 months. It has a rich and creamy flavor. Dark Canyon is delicious by itself, but is also excellent on a burger. It is fairly mild, but you will taste it...even through the onions. When our small wheels of Edam age for more than ten months (usually offered at 12 to 17 months aged) we sell it as Snow Canyon. It is a much harder, drier cheese with a beautiful white rind that in the words of John Raymond of Raymond Cheesemongerss is a "Small wheel with huge impact. On a par with Parmigiano or Sbrinz." - Thanks John

Wasatch Mountain

This mellow, rich-flavored, whole, raw cow's-milk cheese has a wonderful complexity of flavors - nutty, buttery, earthy. This alpine-style cheese melts beautifully and makes a fondue or French onion soup sing. John Raymond of Raymond Cheesemongers has this to say about Wasatch: "We tried it next to three super aged Swiss Gruyeres. It held its own and it's only a fraction of their age. A great cheese."

Farmhouse Gouda

A traditional Gouda, but with a natural rind, Farmhouse is offered at three different ages. the older cheeses will have "Select" or "Reserve," along with the number of days aged on the round label. This semi-hard table cheese is perfect for eating with a rustic bread and some fruit.


"Zwitser" means Swiss in Dutch. This variation of our Farmhouse Gouda has an extra culture added that gives it a bit of that Swiss cheese zing. If you love strong cheese, this one's for you. Only sold with at least 12 months aging, this cheese is a must-try.


As its name implies, whole black peppercorns can be found throughout this Gouda. The black pepper flavor adds a spicy, rich flavor that is the perfect complement to our Farmhouse. It's delicious on a cheese plate. Made and sold in very small batches—not always available.

Boo Boo Baby Swiss

Mmmm .... with characteristic eyes and a mild Swiss flavor, this cheese began as a "boo boo," but now has become a permanent addition to our selection. Boo Boo is a variation of our Wasatch Mountain and is a sweet, nutty cheese that pairs well with a nice smoky ham. Try it on a grilled cheese sandwich. Yum.

Desert Red Feta

Our cow's-milk feta packs all of the tartness and full flavor that you've come to expect from a traditonal goat-milk feta, but without the goaty aftertaste. Before the blocks go in the aging brine, we rub them with Real Salt™ mined in Southern Utah...its red minerals may give you a taste for the desert.