Ionne’s move to Moab

Ingrid’s daughter, Ionne was confirmed pregnant this summer … Hank’s first conquest. We are already milking 6 cows and had six heifers coming up, so we decided to sell her. Some folks from Moab, Tye and Molly had contacted us and were interested in buying a heifer. So they drove up with their kids a few weeks back and picked her up. Nice time of year to move from Cache Valley to Moab! Tye and Molly are going to open a small bottling operation and sell milk in the Spanish Valley. They hope to expand into cheese making also. We wish them and Ionne all the luck. – PS

About Pete

My wife and I own and operate Rockhill Creamery, a farmstead cheese business in the beautiful Cache Valley of Northern Utah. We have two children, both married and living in Salt Lake City. We were both newspaper people in our former lives, but decided to head down the agriculture path about 12 years ago.
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