Free at Last

Abigail feeds Elsa as Doodles and Taya look on.

Elsa turned six-weeks old yesterday. So she gained her freedom from the calf pen and will begin the process of being weaned. Her first few hours in the pasture were a bit scary … the ewe and her lamb frightened her a bit, as well as the wind and the cars going by. But soon, she was busy following folks walking by, and enjoying the sun and the grass. Tonight, we had our friends Tod and Deneice over for pizza night on the grill. Abigail joined us as well. And after we had all enjoyed the wonderful creations Abigail and Jennifer whipped up, we fed Elsa her evening’s milk. A perfect ending to a perfect day. —PS

About Pete

My wife and I own and operate Rockhill Creamery, a farmstead cheese business in the beautiful Cache Valley of Northern Utah. We have two children, both married and living in Salt Lake City. We were both newspaper people in our former lives, but decided to head down the agriculture path about 12 years ago.
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One Response to Free at Last

  1. Tamra Watson says:

    Elsa is adorable. Glad to see that the next generation of Rockhill Cows is growing up to make your fabulous cheeses. I hope all is going well at the Market!

    Thanks for keeping it local :)

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