Another Heifer

Baby Clover with her mom Chloe

Chloe had her calf this morning bright and early. This makes for the 14th heifer out of the last 17 calves born here. Now that’s good luck!

About Pete

My wife and I own and operate Rockhill Creamery, a farmstead cheese business in the beautiful Cache Valley of Northern Utah. We have two children, both married and living in Salt Lake City. We were both newspaper people in our former lives, but decided to head down the agriculture path about 12 years ago.
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One Response to Another Heifer

  1. Anna Kennedy says:

    We saw the article in The Furrow about your small dairy. My husband farms and ranches in central Texas. He raises sudan grass and oats for grazing and hay for the cattle. He supplements their feed during the winter and in dry spells, with cubes. We have always loved Brown Swiss cows. Occasionally he will find one going through our local cattle auction and is always glad to have her! We have had twins from some of them. He will buy anything that he thinks will make $$!! As a result, we have mixed breed cattle but mostly Angus cross. We love to hear of others’ experiences with their farms and ranches. We are wondering about how you feed the cows. Do you purchase all their feed? And do you get enough rainfall to have pasture grass consistently? Do you have a water well for the cows? Do you keep a Brown Swiss bull? We would love to hear from you and would love to visit your dairy sometime. The cheese sounds wonderful! Anna & Melton Kennedy; Coleman, TX

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