We’re going to Slow Food Nation!

Well… WE are not going. But our cheese is. We are quite excited that Rockhill Creamery has been accepted to participate in Slow Food Nation, a first ever national food celebration organized by Slow Food USA.  
To be held Labor Day weekend, Slow Food Nation is THE foodie event of the year. I, of course, would love to go (this is clearly Jennifer, not Pete, writing this entry). But even though that’s not possible, we are delighted to have good friends from Slow Food Utah representing us at the Taste Pavilion.  
Monday we shipped out four wheels of nine-month-old Snow Canyon. Our cheese will be served alongside cheese from 52 other cheesemakers from around the country. 
Organizers expect to serve 1350 pounds of cheese over the three-day weekend. The Taste Pavilion will also showcase bread, wine, charcuterie, pickles, honey and other delicious foods.  
We appreciate our Slow Food Utah convivium nominating us. To be accepted, we had to meet criteria that demonstrates our cheese is not only tasty, but also produced in an environmentally and socially sustainable way. Since we are a farmstead cheese maker (meaning our cheese is made only from our own farm’s animals) and we use raw milk, we had a leg up. In addition, we do not give our cows artificial growth hormones. And as anyone who has visited our farm knows the “girls” have a sweet life on pasture all spring, summer and fall. 
It’s a great opportunity for us. Thanks so much to Vanessa and Christi who, armed with pictures and leaflets, will be sharing our story in San Francisco. –jh 

About Pete

My wife and I own and operate Rockhill Creamery, a farmstead cheese business in the beautiful Cache Valley of Northern Utah. We have two children, both married and living in Salt Lake City. We were both newspaper people in our former lives, but decided to head down the agriculture path about 12 years ago.
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  1. Sage says:

    Ya for Rockhill! I hope you knock their socks off…. can’t wait to hear.

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